Eryn O'Neil

Talk: You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer's User Interface

Eryn O'Neil is a web developer (LAMP, naturally) and technical lead at Clockwork Active Media in Minneapolis, MN, where she's worked on everything from e-commerce to online promotions to building a CMS. Her philosophy? Simple: Write software that's easy to maintain and even easier to use. Based in Saint Paul, MN, Eryn spends most of her free time swing and blues dancing, rock climbing, and wishing it weren't snowing.

Ryan Freebern

Talk: The UX of URLs

A professional web developer since 1996, Ryan currently leads the platform development team at Union Street Media in Burlington, VT, loves learning about new web technologies, contributes to open-source projects, and believes in the promise of the web.

Bryan Healey

Talk: How to hire a good engineers

Bryan went to Northeastern University to study computers and artificial intelligence. He ended up starting a business, working for WR Grace and Goldman Sachs, and then took over the technical department of a niche luxury service in Boston. He survived the 2008 economic disaster by becoming the technical lead of a corporate social network before moving to a technical lead role at NameMedia. I now rapidly build search and e-commerce websites for NameMedia while constructing a crowdfunding service on the side. He enjoys baseball, reading and traveling.

Jen Kramer

Talks: Berserk for Responsive Design Frameworks!, Workshop: Up and Running with Twitter Bootstrap

For over thirteen years, Jen Kramer has been educating clients, colleagues, friends and graduate students about the meaning of a quality website.

Jen is a lynda.com author with twelve published titles, including the popular Responsive Design with Joomla, Joomla! 3 Essential Training, and Up and Running with Bootstrap. She's also authored two books.

Jen currently offers web design and development and internet marketing courses through Harvard Extension, Community College of Vermont, the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University, and National University.

Jen earned a BS in biology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MS in Internet Strategy Management at the Marlboro College Graduate School.

This is Jen's 2nd year presenting with Northeast PHP - We love her!

Terry Chay

Talk: Keynote: Ten Evil Things - Features Engineering at Wikipedia

If Zend puts your picture on a deck of cards, you’ve either arrived in the PHP world or are a terrorist.

Terry Chay is a PHP Terrorist. He (does not) work hard at being administrative overhead (Director of Features Engineering) at the Wikimedia Foundation, maintainers of Wikipedia. And when he isn’t doing that, he’s saying outrageous things on his blog.

In previous lives he worked at Automattic (WordPress), grew, architected, and sustained the third largest social network in the U.S., developed the largest revenue-generating product for Plaxo (later purchased by Comcast) as their first web engineer.

He gives presentation in web development, which is really just a veiled excuse to play with Keynote and avoid not working. (We did mention he is administrative overhead.)

Joel Lord

Talk: How and use regular expressions in PHP and why use them

Joel is a PHP developer with 12 years of experience.

He started as a desktop application developer but soon migrated toward web technologies.
He is now the co-owner and director of operations for Engrenage, a start-up in the Ottawa, Canada region.

During his free time, Joel likes to contribute to open-source projects or to program his arduino robot.

Jason Rubin

Talk: Cracking the Code of Web Content Development

Jason M. Rubin has been a professional writer since 1985, when he graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BA in Journalism. Since then, he has worked primarily as a copywriter in both client-side and agency settings, as well as pursuing freelance copywriting, journalism, and creative writing.

Since 2000, Jason has done award-winning work as senior writer at Libretto Inc., a Boston-based strategic messaging firm. Prior to that, he worked at such respected organizations as WGBH, Deloitte & Touche, and Cabot Corporation. In his career, Jason has created websites, case statements, product brochures, white papers, direct mail packages, ads, articles, scripts, and speeches. He also has conceived names, themes, and taglines for companies, products, development campaigns, and special events.

In addition to his writing for Libretto and freelance clients, Jason’s work regularly appears in a number of print and online publications.

Jason lives north of Boston, Massachusetts, where he cherishes his two incredible daughters. From 2008-2012, he was a board member and communications director for AIGA Boston, the local chapter of the national graphic arts association; from 2010 to the present, he has volunteered in various communications-related capacities for the Lewy Body Dementia Association, and was named the 2012 LBDA Volunteer of the Year.

David Duggins

Talk: Developing For the Cloud, In The Cloud

I was born in Greensboro NC. When I was 12, my parents moved the entire family to Kazakhstan where I became very active in the hacker community. Me and my friend Kostya Tayban started running BBS's from our homes and were for a time connected to the FidoNet.

I came to the states in 2000 and in 2001 moved to Charlotte NC. In Charlotte I did IT work for several Car Dealerships as well as some web and software development for a few small start-up ventures.

In 2006, moved to Columbia SC were I begain working for the Institute of Strategic Languages and Cultures as a web-developer.

I work in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Ajax/JavaScript, Python and Clojure. I develop on Linux (Debian).

Over the years, I have worked for several start ups, including Lead Programmer for Leveraged Media, a Tech Company disguised as a Marketing Company disguised as a Tech company and most recently for Political Exchange, a Political Social Media Outlet.

I am currently freelancing as a Consultant here in Columbia, SC. I focus on building software infrastructures for start-ups, using FOSS in Health Care and teaching and training on FOSS.

I also do some dabbling in social media integration.

In 1999 I was first introduced to Linux. A family friend gave me a install disk for Red Hat. In order to get it to work on the desktop that I had laying around (some PI or PII that I had helped my Grandfather build earlier) I had to write my own config file for X. Ahh! I was in love. Over the years I have tried pretty much every single Linux Distro in existence. I tried Debian, Sabayon has a pretty take on Gentoo, and SuSE has it's charms but I have come back at the end to Debian.

Jim O'Neill

Talk: UI Patterns: A Practical Toolkit

Jim O'Neill is the Creative Director at Above the Fold, a UX design agency in Cambridge, MA. He spends most of his time wrangling complex B2B applications for clients, and managing a small team of awesome designers who make the wrangling part way more fun. Otherwise, he can usually be found playing ultimate frisbee or listening to podcasts about science.

Jonathan Klein

Talks: Practical Responsive Web Design, Scaling PHP to 40 Million Uniques

Jonathan is a software engineer at Etsy, where he focuses on solving web performance and scalability challenges.

Prior to working at Etsy he spent almost four years at Wayfair, where he led the team that converted the primary tech stack to PHP/Lighttpd/FreeBSD. He started and organizes the Boston Web Performance Meetup Group, and he contributes to a few open source projects, including the HTTPArchive and CSSLint.

Sheeri Cabral

Talk: Workshop: Using Innodb and Memcached Plugin

Sheeri K. Cabral has a master’s degree in computer science specializing in databases from Brandeis University and a background in systems administration.

Unstoppable as a volunteer and activist since age 14, Cabral founded and organizes the Boston, Massachusetts, USA, MySQL User Group and is the creator and co-host of OurSQL: The MySQL Database Community Podcast, available on iTunes. 

She was the first MySQL Oracle ACE Director, and is the founder (and current treasurer) of Technocation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization providing resources and educational grants for IT professionals. She wrote the MySQL Administrator’s Bible and has been a technical editor for high-profile O’Reilly books such as High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition and CJ Date’s SQL and Relational Theory.

This is Sheeri's 2nd year with Northeast PHP!

Anthony Ferrara

Talk: Don't Be STUPID, Grasp SOLID

Anthony Ferrara is a Senior Architect for NBC Universal, specializing in Object Oriented Design, Application Architecture and Highly Scalable Web Applications.

He also has experience in Web Application Security and PHP Internals. He is a contributor to multiple Open Source projects, as well as the PHP community as a whole. He is also a former Core Team Member and Development Coordinator for the Joomla! project, as well as a former leader of its Security team.

Anthony was an NEPHP attendee last year.

Sequoia McDowell

Talk: Package Management in PHP: Better Late than Never!

I am a senior software engineer at PTC where I work on various web-based products. I work mostly with Javascript and Java now but my roots are in PHP, and it will always hold a special place in my heart!

Fun fact: I talk loud. I'm friendly - if you see me at the conference come and say "hi!"

Larry Ullman

Talks: Teaching PHP & Web Development, Ajax: You Can Do It Too, How To Get There

Even though I majored in impractical education in college, I've managed to make a decent go of it as a developer and technical writer. I like learning new things, solving problems, and sharing what I've figured out, although if money weren't an issue, I'd rather be reading a great novel. Or writing one.

David Kelleher

Talks: Testing UX Design with Reverse Card Sorting, Coding the Semantic Web with HTML5

David Kelleher is a college professor, freelance web developer and multimedia artist.

He loves web and media technologies, and when he isn't playing the electric bass or volleyball, he teaches and works on projects like and experimental art for Spiral Light, a local multimedia collective, and juggling gesture interfaces that generate electronic music.

Matthew Barlocker

Talks: Magic Methods: Spilling the secret, Git Essentials

Matthew Barlocker is the Chief Architect at Lucid Software Inc (www.lucidchart.com). He graduated in 2008 from BYU with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He's worked in the consulting, internet security, social gaming, and financial industries. Given the variety of industries and companies, he is not tied to a particular language, framework, provider or methodology; rather, he delivers solutions needed for the business at the time. Matthew lives in Utah, and loves racing around in his Polaris RZR from Moab to the sand dunes to the salt flats. Despite the abundance of good snow and mountains nearby, he cartwheeled down the mountain one too many times without a helmet to enjoy snowboarding.

Michael Bourque

Talk: Opening Remarks

Michael is one of the pre-eminent technology industry leaders in Boston. He has grown the Boston PHP Meetup to thousands of members and has invented a number of different programs that set the standard for other groups.

Known for his thoughtful, caring, and charismatic leadership style, Michael knows how to move ideas forward. The latest example of which is the Northeast PHP Conference itself.

Michael is responsible for the overall vision, direction, and vibe for the conference.

Adam Culp

Talk: Workshop: Clean Application Development

Adam Culp is a Zend Certified PHP 5.3 Engineer working at Zend Technologies as a Senior Professional Services Consultant. He is also the organizer of the South Florida PHP Users Group (SoFloPHP) where he speaks regularly.

Adam is passionate about developing with PHP and enjoys helping others write good code, implement standards, refactor efficiently, and incorporate unit and functional tests into their projects.

When he is not coding or contributing to various communities he can be found hiking around the United States National Parks, teaching judo, or participating in long distance running.

Martin Kemp

Talk: Designing software for the Agile generation

When I was 11 my dad bought me a Commodore 64. I learnt BASIC from the back of the manual and one day thought "it would be great if I could do this as a job".
Little did I know that computer programming would bring me to another continent where I'd meet the woman who'd be my wife and subsequently allow me to travel all over the country and world.

I'm inherently lazy and hate to do things over and over. As a result I love to identify ways to save myself and other people time by writing little tools or generally improving the interface of something.

When I'm not sat at a screen or with a gadget in my hand I love to sail and ride my bike. I could attach an engine to either but where's the fun in that?

Mark Henderson

Talk: Workshop: Web Scraping with Node.io

Part time serial entrepreneur, part time climate change activist, full time full stack web developer. Mark would love to spend most of his time on a nice beach but you know, money and all that. He would prefer if everything was just written in JavaScript.

Eli White

Talk: Keynote: Looking to the Past, to Predict the Future

Eli has been building Web Applications for over 18 years and fell in love with PHP the day that PHP 4 was released. Since then he's been a strong advocate for PHP and used it in every project he's work on. He is currently a Founding Partner & CTO of Musketeers.me, and the Managing Editor of php|architect magazine. He is also an avid writer (blogs, articles and books), and has spoken at numerous conferences.

Anna Filina

Talk: jQuery Mobile: Sites That Feel Like Apps

Anna is a Web software expert.

As vice-president at FooLab, she helps companies by coaching developers and by providing valuable advice to help clients achieve their business goals.

Her latest project was a mission-critical application to increase factory production, eliminate product defects and reduce raw material waste.

Anna also organizes ConFoo, a world-renowned conference for developers and presents at conferences all over the world.

This will be Anna's 2nd year with Northeast PHP.

Heather O'Neill

Talk: Workshop: Usability Testing for the Common Man

An active member of the UX community, Heather O'Neill has been an evangelist for user experience thinking wherever she goes - including to a Meetup group of PHP developers. She's given numerous talks on UX and held interactive usability workshops with renown UX celebrities such as Steve Krug and Dave Gray.

At the ground level, Heather has a keen eye for user experience challenges and a knack for deciphering qualitative data. As President, CFO and head User Researcher at UX design agency, Above the Fold, she collects this data from customer interviews and usability studies, and translates it into critical information that product managers need to address potential gaps in their product.

Heather also sits on the leadership team for Boston PHP, which provides networking, training and inspirational tech talks to local developers and entrepreneurs.

Heather is also one of the organizers for Northeast PHP

Ross Tuck

Talk: Team Plaatjes: Building JS Applications with Vector Graphics

Ross Tuck is a senior developer at Ibuildings in the Netherlands, despite being American. He's currently obsessed with hypermedia, CQRS and vector graphics but this tends to change quickly. Otherwise, he's usually trying to make time to read.

Meghan Reilly

Talk: Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design

Meghan Reilly is a project manager at Above the Fold, a user experience design agency located in Cambridge, MA. Since joining Above the Fold, Meghan has jumped into learning all about UX and design, including attending talks by thought leaders like Edward Tufte and Steve Krug. She uses her outsider perspective to help bridge the divide between large IT organizations and UXD. Meghan's previous experience is with Information Services & Technology at Boston University. She is ITIL foundations certified, and has experience working with designers, developers, and decision makers. Meghan is a member of Boston PHP.

Meghan is a graduate of Boston University with a B.A. in English. Meghan loves talking to people and hearing their stories. She is an avid skier, a music lover, and a Red Sox fan. Meghan lives in Hull, MA with her fiancé and her cat.

Andrew Curioso

Talk: Pragmatic API Development

Andrew Curioso is an author, innovator, and software engineer who loves to push the envelope and create.

He is organizer or New Hampshire PHP as well as author of the book Expert PHP and MySQL (among other publications). He has spoken at conferences from Boston to Seoul and currently leads development at a growing New England start-up.
This will be Andrew's 2nd year with Northeast PHP!

We love Andrew. He helped create this site, and is now back presenting again with us. :)

Michael Stowe

Talks: Building a REST API, Agile in the Workplace

Mike is a professional software engineer, PHP 5.3 Zend Certified, and has over 10 years of PHP hacking experience.

In those 10 years he as had the privilege of building numerous websites and applications, including applications for the medical field, law enforcement, one of the leading audio and lighting dealers, large and small non-profits, and numerous industrial companies.

He has also spoken at numerous conferences, published multiple articles on PHP and security, is an active member of OWASP, and helps organize MNPHP, Twin Cities Software Engineers, and the MidwestPHP Conference.

Mike now works as a Developer Advocate at Constant Contact where he strives to help developers grow and connect everyday.

This is Mike's 2nd year with Northeast PHP!

Katelyn Sessions

Talk: Mobile-First Design

Unlike most web design professionals, I got into this field not because of a passion for coding or a love of computers, but because of a random choice from a course catalog. Years of classes on history, biology, and math started to blend into the same lectures year after year, and I wanted for once to walk into a classroom and hear about something completely new to me. So I picked up the course catalog, scanned until I found something I hadn’t heard of, and signed up for “Introduction to Digital Media.”

It was love at first lecture. I found user interface design to be the perfect combination of puzzles, design, and human psychology, so I completed my B.A. degree in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida and never looked back.

After bouncing around from internship to internship, trying to learn as much as I could, I finally settled at Educational Data Resources LLC in Orlando, FL, where I support the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) engineering team as the team's lead user interface designer. I enjoy working directly with developers and software engineers to craft advanced navigation and user experience interactions.

Peter MacIntyre


Peter MacIntyre has over 23 years of experience in the information technology industry, primarily in the area of PHP and Web Technologies.

He has contributed writing material for many IT industry publications: Author of "PHP: The Good Parts" (O'Reilly); co-author: Pro PHP Programming (APress), Programming PHP (3rd Edition - O'Reilly), Using Visual Objects, Using PowerBuilder 5, ASP.NET Bible, Web Warrior Survey on Web Development Languages, and Zend Studio for Eclipse Developer's Guide.

Peter has spoken several times at North American and International computer conferences including CA-World in New Orleans, USA; CA-TechniCon in Cologne, Germany; and CA-Expo in Melbourne, Australia. He is a Zend Certified Engineer in PHP 5.3

Peter is also one of the organizers for Northeast PHP

Brian Del Giudice

Talk: Layout on the web

I am a user experience designer at Above The Fold Design. My passion is finding simple solutions to complex problems; I believe great UX balances user needs with business requirements resulting in the simplest possible solution.
Interests: chocolate graham crackers and early mornings.

Jonathan Barronville

Talk: Introduction to Laravel

Jonathan Barronville is an avid software developer and PHP enthusiast who loves learning and teaching.

He got into development around the age of twelve after fiddling around a lot with MySpace and its (at the time) layout editing capabilities. Now, several years later, Jonathan has contributed to many projects.

Jonathan has a passion for teaching and so much of what he's learned has actually been from the teachings of others. Because of that, he's devoted his life to helping and educating others. This dedication to helping and educating others has driven Jonathan to joining the Prepr Foundation, where he's now using his skills to help revolutionize open education.

Jonathan is also a Laravel evangelist and can be found on forums, IRC, Twitter, and elsewhere on the internets using the username "jonathanmarvens".

Last year, Jonathan was a technical volunteer for Northeast PHP.