Sponsor Spotlight: Engine Yard

We're excited to have Engine Yard as a sponsor for the Northeast PHP Conference again for the second year in a row. Engine Yard's support has made it possible for us to host a Saturday evening party for all attendees. Thank you Engine Yard!

Engine Yard is a leading Platform as a Service empowering developers to plan, build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud. But rather than talk about Engine Yard's product offering, I'd like talk about a great initiative that Engine Yard has just announced. This initiative is called Prompt and the goal is start a conversation about mental health in the technology industry. Engine Yard is encouraging conferences to invite a mental health speaker to raise awareness of the issue and create a more open dialogue and support network.

Engine Yard describes their motivation behind this initiative:

"Our <product / service / software> makes developers lives easier". How often have you heard that phrase? It’s often used by companies that make tools for developers. We’ve said it ourselves, here at Engine Yard.

The real meaning of that phrase, however, is "we make developers work lives easier".

Prompt is an effort to actually try to help improve the lives of developers, especially those who are affected in any way by things like depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness.

Prompt was started by Eamon Leonard and John Dalton of Engine Yard, in collaboration with Ed Finkler and Greg Baugues.