How did you get into PHP?

I am always amazed at what people tell me when I ask this question. Check out what some of our ticket holders said when asked this question...

"By accident :)  Was going into medicine and ended up writing some programs in PHP, absolutely loved it, and haven't looked back since.  After writing code for 10+ years I recently accepted a Developer Advocate position with Constant Contact where I have a chance to give back even more, and well, we'll see where the road leads :)"

"From being a web app designer in a PHP shop. I taught myself HTML/CSS, then PHP/MySQL. Then OO JS. Now I'm a full time full-stack developer."

"I got into programming when I was about 11.  I wrote a "United Federation of Planets" application to store the info off the cards that came with our Star Trek figures. (I even had an ASCSI UFP logo)   I currently travel around writing php code for mid to large enterprises.  In the next couple of years I hope to move to Europe and continue to code."

"I got into web development by playing around on BBSes in the early 90s, and later hacking Perl CGI on my first shell account."

"I picked "Intro to Digital Media" randomly from a course catalog because I had no idea what it was. I loved how broad and diverse it was"

"It's a long, backwards story!"

"My dad suggested computer science after letting me know I was too dumb to be an astronaut. Currently Chief Architect at Lucid Software."

"Needed to get something done."

"Self taught and it took me all over the world. I plan to keep on going :)"

"What's next? Converting juggling into electronic music using gesture recognition!"