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Thanks again for attending the Northeast PHP Conference this year. It's because of you that the event was so successful and because of that, we really want to get your feedback. We have a super short survey that we'd appreciate you filling out for us. It's only two questions and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes so please... help us to make next year's conference even better!

The survey can be found at

Also, as you are probably aware, we were able to video all of the talks presented this year. In case you missed any talks you really wanted to see, or you just want to see one again, at the end of this posting is a list of all of the videos we took.

Once again, thank you for making Northeast PHP 2013 so successful. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Northeast PHP Conference Team.

Videos from Day 1 - Saturday
"Opening Keynote: Looking to the Past, to Predict the Future" (by Eli White):
"Opening Keynote: Looking to the Past, to Predict the Future: Audience Questions" (by Eli White):
"You Can UX Too: Avoiding the Programmer's User Interface" (by Eryn O'Neil):
"How To Get There" (by Larry Ullman):
"How and use regular expressions in PHP and why use them" (by Joel Lord):
"Mobile-First Design" (by Katelyn Sessions):
"Agile in the Workplace" (by Michael Stowe):
"Don't Be STUPID, Grasp SOLID" (by Anthony Ferrara):
"UI Patterns: A Practical Toolkit" (by Jim O'Neill):
"Ajax: You Can Do It Too" (by Larry Ullman):
"Magic Methods: Spilling the secret" (by Matthew Barlocker):
"jQuery Mobile: Sites That Feel Like Apps" (by Anna Filina):
"Testing UX Design with Reverse Card Sorting" (by David Kelleher):
"Scaling PHP to 40 Million Uniques" (by Jonathan Klein):
"Designing software for the Agile generation" (by Martin Kemp):
"Team Plaatjes: Building JS Applications with Vector Graphics" (by Ross Tuck):

Videos from Day 2 - Sunday
"Package Management in PHP: Better Late than Never!" (by Sequoia McDowell):
"Cracking the Code of Web Content Development" (by Jason Rubin):
"How to Hire Good Engineers" (by Bryan Healey):
"Teaching PHP & Web Development" (by Larry Ullman):
"Coding the Semantic Web with HTML5" (by David Kelleher):
"Practical Responsive Web Design" (by Jonathan Klein):
"Developing For the Cloud, In The Cloud" (by David Duggins):
"The UX of URLs" (by Ryan Freebern):
"Git Essentials" (by Matthew Barlocker):
"Layout on the web" (by Brian Del Giudice):
"Berserk for Responsive Design Frameworks!" (by Jen Kramer):
"Building a REST API" (by Michael Stowe):
"Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design" (by Meghan Reilly):
"Closing Keynote: Ten Evil Things - Features Engineering at Wikipedia" (by Terry Chay):