About Northeast PHP

The Northeast PHP Conference is a community conference intended for networking and collaboration in the developer community.

It all started with a humble conversation between organizers of the Boston PHP, Atlantic Canada PHP, and Burlington, Vermont PHP user groups. Boston PHP was (and still is) the largest and most active PHP community in the world and had long dreamed of starting its own conference. After almost a year of planning and collaboration between organizers throughout the northeast region, this dream was finally realized with the inaugural Northeast PHP Conference in August of 2012

No experience or money needed
Starting with no budget and no conference experience, the organizational team overcame many challenges to create an event on par with the big technology conferences. With the event space generously donated by Microsoft's New England Research and Development (NERD) Center and sponsors such as Wayfair (for t-shirts and a Saturday party for attendees) and Engine Yard (for a speakers' dinner), the NEPHP organizers were able to check many large ticket items off their list. Many other sponsors, too numerous to mention here, provided additional resources making it possible to keep the ticket price to an absurdly low $100 per person. Most profoundly, all the organizers or speakers not only volunteered their time, but also paid their own expenses to participate in the conference.

PHP, WEB, and UX. 
While grounded in PHP, the Northeast PHP Conference is not just about PHP. As the organizers know, most PHP developers are working on websites and applications, which means that they need more than just PHP skills to get ahead. The Web Technology and User Experience tracks help these developers broaden their skill sets and expand their knowledge & experience.

Talks and Workshop categories (tracks):

The future points North
As the Northeast PHP team looks to the future there is a strong desire to take the event on the road, traveling throughout the northeast region. With many developers in the northeast region, and not many conferences serving these developers, Northeast PHP can help developers grow and learn, becoming confident and even sharing their own talks. Initially, the team plans to have satellite events in Prince Edward Island and Burlington, Vermont, with additional locations to be considered in future years. 

Non profit
We are entirely non-profit. All money will be used to pay for the conference itself, including food and other expenses required to run a conference of this size. We also plan to make this a yearly event, so we need everyones suport and help. Please show your support and help us create one of the best conferences in the northeast region.

Get involved
We value the participation of each member of the PHP community and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The best way to do that is to get involved and move your ideas forward.

The call for papers is typically in January, however submission forms are always open. If you would love to talk at the conference, then please use the links below.

Thank you
We value the participation of each member of the PHP community and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

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Thank you for being a part of Northeast PHP!

Michael Bourque

Boston PHP Inc (Northeast PHP)
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